May 19  June 9 - John Fullbright (with band)

John FullbrightJohn Fullbright is a young man who finds love, beauty, and pain in the here and now, and skepticism and disdain for those who would take advantage of the dreams of those hoping for a better world. He is a gifted songwriter, a brilliant vocalist, and an exciting multi-instrumentalist, traversing an emotional and musical terrain that is extremely broad, showing equal acuity with tender ballads and songs that make you want to drive faster with the windows rolled down. Firmly rooted in a variety of musical styles, he draws on what has come before, but without imitation. Forget labels when you listen to John Fullbright. He is not folk, not Americana and not pop, but possibly the best fusion of them all.

John Fullbright website
Video: Jericho
Video: Gawd Above


June 2 - The Gourds

The GourdsYou would think that after multiple albums and seventeen years of touring coast-to-coast and across the pond, the Gourds would have it all down. Well, they do: they project the alt/indie/roots sensibilities of their hometown, Austin, Texas, better than any music group going. The Gourds mix of Americana/bluegrass/rock/bayou among other music influences makes them impossible to fit into a neat classification. Their high-energy live performances and constant touring have earned them the reputation of a band that must be seen to be appreciated.

The Gourds website
Video: I Want It So Bad

June 16 - Parker Millsap

Parker MillsapParker Millsap writes songs and then he sings them. Also, he sings other songs that he wishes he wrote. The Oklahoma singer/songwriter writes bluesy, folksy melodies, with lyrics that have pleasantly surprising turns of phrase while simultaneously recalling gut-bucket blues from a bygone age. To really get to know the man, you must listen to his music. And frankly, his music really does all the talking. Millsap is a poet: at times his work can be dark and brooding, at other times hopeful, but most of all he has something to say, something to tell you that will grab you and attach itself to you and remain a part of you forever.

Parker Millsap website
Video: Palisade

July 7 - Hosty Duo

Hosty DuoThe Hosty Duo are Mike Hosty, an outstanding guitarist and songwriter, and Michael Byars, a world-class drummer. Their setup is simple, but their individual talents make this two-piece band sound twice its size. Hosty simultaneously tears through gritty slide leads, blows harmonica and/or Kazoo and uses foot pedals to stomp bass lines. His guitar collection includes an 8-string instrument that allows him to thump three bass strings with his thumb while he fingerpicks guitar.  And “Tic Tac” Byars puts it all in a rock-solid groove. Their superb style of bluesy roots rock combines with imaginative songs about nights spent in jail or dinosaurs or affairs of the heart to make one of the most entertaining shows anyone could hope to see.

Hosty website
Video: Oklahoma Breakdown

July 21 - Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band

Chubby CarrierIf you haven’t experienced the high energy, swamp funky zydeco sound of Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band, it is high time that you join the legions of fans that have. Once the accordion-playing virtuoso grabs the mic and takes to the stage with his band mates, audiences are treated to a show like no other. Chubby’s sound is infectious – a concoction of blues, 70s funk, rock and roll, and good-ole zydeco flavor – and makes even the most timid individuals get their feet a movin’.

Chubby Carrier website
Video: Zydeco Junkie

August 4 - Honeylark

HoneylarkHoneylark is the dark, sticky-sweet offering of Natalie Moore Houck and Ryan Houck (formerly of Oklahoma's Green Corn Revival) to the ever temperamental gods of the asthetics... Watch out for lightning. The group strikes a fine balance between Americana roots and indie-pop sensibility, mixing country influences with a folk flair and a ‘folk-rock noir’ feel.

Honeylark website
Video: Afternoon

August 25 - Elephant Revival

ElephantRevival med"Where words fail... music speaks." That simple line reveals volumes about the band's reason for being. Music unites us in ways that no other medium can. Even when we don't understand one another's languages - we can be moved by a rhythm, soothed by a song. Brought together by a unified sense of purpose - the spirit of five souls working as one, in harmony, creating sounds they could never produce alone. This Nederland, Colorado quintet are, needless to say, quite a sound to be experienced - especially when they fall into the pocket of a groove containing elements of gypsy, rock, Celtic, alt-country and folk. Their mission is "to close the gap of separation between us through the eternal revelry of song and dance."

Elephant Revival website
Video: Remembering a Beginning

September 8 - Byron Berline Band

Berline medFor an exciting evening of traditional bluegrass and Western swing music, join three-time national fiddle champion Byron Berline and his band; John Hickman, Jim Fish, Greg Burgess, Richard Sharp and Steve Short. Berline’s career includes helping Vince Gill get his start in the recording industry, recording a fiddle solo for a song by the Rolling Stones, playing with musicians like the Eagles and Elton John, among others, and recording with Gene Clark of the Byrds. The Byron Berline band entertains regularly in the Music Hall above Berline’s Fiddle Shop in Guthrie, and the group is in great demand around the state, as well as surrounding states and throughout Europe.

Byron Berline website
Video: Washingon Lee Swing