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Susan GibsonSusan Gibson’s naturally buoyant melodies and warmly reassuring, conversational singing and writing voice light up any song, room, or mood. Susan will light up The Depot on November 17, 2019 in a 7:00pm Winter Wind Concert. K.C. Clifford will open for Susan.

Gibson’s refreshingly clear-eyed perspectives on matters of life, love, work, and loss illuminate a spirit-charging current of resiliency. It was all there at the very beginning, when in college she wrote "Wide Open Spaces" which, with a little help from the Dixie Chicks, became one of the biggest country songs of all time and for which she received Songwriter of CMA Single of the Year award, through her days in the beloved Amarillo, Texas-based Amerciana band the Groobees back in the ’90s, and from the get-go of her solo career after the Groobees broke up in 2002.

Her craftsmanship in songwriting has made her one of the most respected artists in the Texas scene and beyond, and has won her other honors along the way, including BMI’s “Songwriter of the Year” and “Entertainer of the Year” from the West Texas Music Hall of Fame. She has six studio albums and one live album under her belt as a solo artist, and just this fall released The Hard Stuff, her latest album and her first release since 2011.

Bar the occasional special-occasion festival appearance, like the handful of 20-year-reunion gigs she recently did with her old friends in the Groobees, her venues of choice, be they across the country or in her own beloved Texas Hill Country, tend to be the kind of intimate listening rooms and house concerts where she can connect to listeners as directly as possible. She likens it to "fishing with a line instead of a net," and it's a philosophy for both performing and writing that she's practiced for pretty much her entire career “...crafting great songs that share (and usually exceed) the qualities that made "Wide Open Spaces" such a hit - authenticity, wit, and themes to which just about anyone with a heartbeat can relate." - No Depression Review


Susan Gibson website
Video: Wide Open Spaces
Video: Diagnostic Heart


K.C. CliffordK.C. Clifford is a three-time Woody Guthrie Award-winning folk singer/songwriter from Oklahoma City. Music has always been a guiding force in Clifford’s life, and her talent and love of performing on stage revealed itself at an early age. She was two when she first sang in public and composed her first song at age seven. Early influences included artists such as Paul Simon, Carole King, The Beach Boys and the popular bluegrass band Mountain Smoke, founded by her father in the late 1960s.


K.C. Clifford website
Video: Red Dirt Roads

Winter Wind Concerts are made possible in part by the City of Norman Parks and Recreation Department and by grants from the Oklahoma Arts Council and the Norman Arts Council. Contributors include: Cindy Merrick - Therapy in Motion; Hugh & Keri Young; Skye Diers - Gingerbread Nursery School; Bruce & Trisha Bunce; Tom McAuliffe - Don Cies; and The Montford Inn. Friends are: EB Dancer; Danna Primm; Bob Schlegel; and Lazy Circles Brewing.