The Brother BrothersAdam and David Moss, The Brother Brothers, are identical twins carrying on the folk tradition for a new generation. They will bring their captivating sound to Winter Wind Concerts in a return visit to The Depot on March 10, 2019. Tickets are $20 for the 7:00 pm concert.

Although young men, The Brother Brothers have boasted this sterling folk sound for decades. They sang along as children to their father’s record collection of the Kingston Trio, the Everly Brothers, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys. “That's where we learned to sing harmony... All of a sudden we could harmonize to anything we wanted to. It was a very natural progression.” says Adam.

After earning music degrees at the University of Illinois, the brothers set off on separate musical journeys. After several years spent traveling the country, both separately and together, playing in varying ensembles and sometimes settling in separate cities, The Brother Brothers’ acoustic project finally emerged. The duo soon accepted invitations to open tours with Sarah Jarosz and Lake Street Dive. They released an independent EP, Tugboats, in 2017, followed by a national tour with I’m With Her in 2018. Their new album, SOME PEOPLE I KNOW, was released on Compass Records in October, 2018.

With their individual storied music careers under their belts, and now bringing their experiences together, each writes his fair share of the discography independently. The brothers’ palpable fraternal bond produces a togetherness in these songs that few bands can offer. Their minimal instrumentation, heartfelt lyricism, and harmonies are so natural they seem to blend into one beautiful voice.

“The Brother Brothers have been in this together for life, and their familial connection comes through in the music, harkening back to some of the greatest family harmonies ever made." says Sarah Jarosz. "They approach their poignant and often charming songs with an almost startling sense of ease, and the tight harmonies are enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.”

Their live shows have a living room vibe, creating a very homey, small-room environment, perfect for The Depot’s intimate listening room.

The Brother Brothers website
Video: Cairo, IL
Video: Tugboats

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