Guy Forsyth and the Hot Nut RivetersThe Depot and Jazz In June, Inc. again pool their respective expertise in folk, jazz and roots music genres to present Guy Forsyth and The Hot Nut Riveters, Texas’ Original Recession Era String Band. This collaborative Winter Wind concert, celebrating America’s Musical Heritage, takes place on January 15, 2017 at The Depot, 200 S. Jones. Tickets are $25 for the 7:00 pm concert.

The Hot Nut Riveters come from the diabolical mind of Guy Forsyth, the man who brought you the famous (some would say infamous) Asylum Street Spankers and the Guy Forsythe Band. Though Forsyth's career has taken him down varied paths, including successful forays into the blues and, most recently, Americana, his love for that "old time" music and his drive to proselytize about it to whomever would listen has never been stronger.

"You can hear snatches of this music in songs on every album I’ve ever recorded" says Forsyth. "There is just something about it that is in my blood, and every now and then it just boils over and forces itself out - usually in just a song, or maybe two. This time, though, I noticed all the talent around me and it came bubbling out as this band, The Hot Nut Riveters - an all-star cast of the best players for their position that I could run down and capture and force to play."

This is a band who plays all acoustic instruments and specializes in a strange and heady homebrew of genre and influences, mining the deep, rich veins of American traditional and popular music forms. You might call it a traditional alt-bluespop folk countrygrass sound.

"I do this is because music has always been such an inspiration to me, a thing that has provided a level of ecstasy more than any other distraction or entertainment." says Forsyth. That energy has also proved the basis for his audience's ecstasy. Guy Forsyth is a dynamic personality on record, but it is on stage where the truth comes, and here the truth is that Guy lives to play. The thrill is in the show and this band knows how to put one on!

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Video: 300 Miles
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Winter Wind / Jazz in June collaborative concerts are made possible in part by grants from the Norman Arts Council and the Oklahoma Arts Council, and by numerous corporate and individual Jazz in June and Winter Wind sponsors.