Heather MaloneyHeather Maloney, an American singer-songwriter who has received numerous accolades for her startlingly soulful voice and literate songwriting exploring themes of spirituality, transformation, and impermanence, is stopping by to make the first “Whistle Stop Concert at The Depot" a reality.  The concert will be held in The Depot on March 22, 2015 at 7:00pm.  Admission is $15.

Critics are raving that Heather's "music is riveting, her voice adventurous, her lyrics thought-provoking...”  Maloney's joint EP with indie-folk quartet Darlingside, the Woodstock EP released in March 2014,  gained national attention in the New York Times for their cover of Joni Mitchell’s song “Woodstock.” Graham Nash lauded the track during his keynote speech at Folk Alliance International, calling it “delicious, really excellent.”  

Heather’s next full-length album on Signature Sounds is due out in early 2015 -- right about the time she makes her "Whistle Stop" at The Depot in Norman.  Perhaps we will get a preview that evening!


Video - “No Shortcuts” - eTown
Video - “Hey Serena” - Audiotree
Video - “Dirt and Stardust” Live at NHPR
Website -www.heathermaloney.com
Facebook -www.facebook.com/HeatherMaloneyMusic