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GreyhoundsOn August 11, 2019, the Greyhounds come to Summer Breeze as part of their busy touring schedule. Music begins at 7:30 pm in Lions Park, Flood and Symmes. Bring seating and refreshments and enjoy an evening of outstanding free music.

Rising out of the Austin, Texas music scene, the Greyhounds, a duo comprising guitarist Andrew Trube and keyboardist Anthony Farrell, feature a unique sound that mixes R&B, soul, funk, and the Bakersfield county of Buck Owens, into a style that as been described as “Hall & Oates meets ZZ Top.” The duo’s exciting live shows have earned them a large and loyal fan following.

In 2016, while recording at Sun Studios for the PBS series "Sun Studio Sessions,” Greyhounds met Memphis native and acclaimed engineer Matt Ross-Spang. Soon afterwards, Matt moved his operation to the newly refurbished Sam Phillips Recording studio. Greyhounds were familiar with the studio, and its deep history, and had always wanted to record there. It is the type of space that transports you to another era; the perfect place to make the type of record Greyhounds were interested in making: a less produced, and more spontaneous style of recording, all straight to tape like much of the classic music that was made there in its heyday. And Ross-Spang, is the perfect engineer, steeped as he is in the old school style of making records.

Pulling from 17 years of songwriting, Trube and Farrell had plenty of material to choose from. "It was a chance to look back at some of our favorite tunes that we had never recorded" says Trube. Because there were only three days in which to record and mix the record, Greyhounds knew they would have to be ready to perform these songs seamlessly, just like they would at a live show.

Thirteen songs were recorded and mixed over the course of those three days. ​“Cheyenne Valley Drive" is a product of a band at the height of their game, making music in a studio that has been virtually untouched by time, recording in the style that many of their musical heroes used. Basically a dream come true. A dream they want to share with you.


Greyhounds website
Video: Cuz I'm Here
Video: You're Gone

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