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The RailsplittersThe Railsplitters, with their high energy bluegrass sound, take the Summer Breeze stage on Sunday, June 18, 2017 at 7:30 pm. Bring lawn chairs or blankets, your favorite refreshments, and settle in to enjoy a free family friendly concert in Lions Park at Flood and Symmes.

Fresh off the success of their first album and taking first place in Rockygrass’ Best New Band Competition, Colorado natives The Railsplitters got busy touring the US. With five group members spending hours in the tour van together, the musical array pouring out of that van was wildly eclectic, crossing over genre and time and eventually seeping into the band’s own music.

Using these new sounds to break the bonds of bluegrass and unleash tradition with their innovative sound, the Railsplitters pushed the genre forward with an adventurous spirit in their new album, The Faster It Goes. Though they operate with the instrumentation of a bluegrass band, The Railsplitters are making music totally unlimited by tradition. This is music for the open road, the open dance floor, and open ears – music made for all.

"The Railsplitters embody two of my favorite musical elements: high quality musicianship and great original songs. They use both to make them, without a doubt, one of the best bluegrass bands to emerge in the last few years" says Andy Hall of The Infamous Stringdusters.

The Railsplitters’ secret weapon is two-fold: first, the innovative imagination of banjo player Dusty Rider’s songwriting, who writes with the full band in mind, imagining an entire song in his head before it’s even heard it out loud. Second, the powerfully distinct vocals of Lauren Stovall, whose vocal lines fill The Railsplitters’ sound with something distinct and undeniable.

In addition, part of The Railsplitters’ new color is brought on by the band’s newest member, Joe D'Esposito, whose New England-influenced fiddling adds new directions to the band’s sound. With masterfully executed mandolin and banjo by Peter Sharpe and Dusty Rider, all well supported by upright bassist Leslie Ziegler’s innovative style.

The Faster It Goes album testifies to The Railsplitters’ multipolar and collaborative songwriting, giving voice to the impressive talents of its members and a cohesive character to the sound.

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