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WE DREAM DAWNThe June 19, 2016 Summer Breeze Concert will introduce WE DREAM DAWN to Norman. The unique trio featuring Sage Cook, formerly of Elephant Revival, begins playing at 7:30 pm. Bring seating and refreshments and enjoy a lovely evening of free family entertainment in Lions Park, Flood and Symmes.

WE DREAM DAWN began as an Elephant Revival side project. Sage Cook decided to take leave from Elephant Revival, the neo-folk quintet he helped found in 2006, to tend the earth out where Kansas meets Oklahoma. Excited about getting his hands in the dirt and growing much of his own sustenance in the form of vegetables and community, Sage said he “wasn’t planning on starting another band. It just happened. WE DREAM DAWN is an attempt to find symbiosis between art and sustenance.” So, together with harvesting sweet potatoes, Sage also tended his idea for a new sound with a new band that embodies a similar earthy, transcendental beauty.

Fueled by lofty ideals about approaching art while living close to the land the trio, composed of Sage Cook (guitar/vocals), Aera Fox (bass/synth) and Weston Hill (drums/samples), emerged onto the scene in 2015, quickly growing from a side project and blossoming into a unique, earthy blend of dreamy electric folk music, a new sound definitely worth checking out.

Well aware of the fact that sometimes it storms on the prairies, as well as in the mountains, the WE DREAM DAWN sound embraces the cycle of life, from birth to rebirth, and all the emotion that exists between. With a touch of vintage analog psychedelia and humble mortality, the band has been busy planting its ideas and watching them grow, representing rural America in a whole new light. Come help Summer Breeze welcome them to Norman.

WE, as in all life. DREAM, as in create. DAWN, as in the new day.

Video: Fallout Fields
Video: Theresa

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Summer Breeze Concerts are made possible, in part, by grants from the Oklahoma Arts Council and the Norman Arts Council: from Sponsor Skye Diers, Gingerbread Nursery School: from Contributors, Republic Bank and Trust; Tom McAuliffe, Don Cies Real Estate; Dentists Jamie Belknap, Donna Sparks and Kristen Campbell at Norman Smile Center; Andi Berry, Wyoming Art Therapy; Backwoods; Edward Jones; 2 Green Chicks; InterBank; The Mont; Montford Inn; and from Friends Nancy McClellan; Bruce & Trisha Bunce; Sooner Carpet Cleaning and Restoration; Becca Hewes, YogaLife; and Bob Schlegel. Major in-kind support comes from Norman Parks and Recreation Department.