Karen Kay KnaussThe October 13 Second Sunday Poetry Reading in the Norman Depot, 200 South Jones, will feature Oklahoma native Karen Kay Knauss Bailey. The free reading of her work begins at 2:00 pm and will include poems from: “OKLAHOMA COAL FIRES”, “The Thorny Truth and Their Civil War”, and “77 Pieces of Poetry About Oklahoma.” She will also read a few poems from her chapbooks: “Deep Blue Waters”, and “Leaving Flatland by Poetry.”

Karen Kay, grew up on a small farm in Caddo County where her family managed a large orchard. She studied at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and earned a Bachelor of Arts. She has enjoyed careers in teaching, music, and fine art. Karen’s unique hand cast fiber sculptures are exhibited in public and private collections across the United States and in several foreign countries.

She established Sundance Studios, performs in the vocal duo, Heart & Soul, and has devoted decades to the research of her family history. Most recently, Karen has written two poetry chapbooks and three collections of poems, including a historical collection about the history of Oklahoma. She has also co-authored two genealogical chronicles and has received numerous awards for her poetry in statewide and regional competitions.

Second Sunday Poetry, hosted by Oklahoma Book Award winner Carl Sennhenn, is a program of the Performing Arts Studio, which has featured an outstanding Oklahoma poet each month for over ten years. Everyone is welcome. For additional information, phone 405 307-9320.