Important Announcement

The Depot Gallery and office will be closed until at least the end of May, 2020. We will reassess at that time. Phone messages will be checked regularly and calls returned. We do this out of an abundance of caution and concern for the health of our community.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Performing Arts Studio will feature Larry Bierman reading from his works at the November 12 Second Sunday Poetry Reading.  The free event, begins at 2:00 PM in the historic Norman Train Depot, 200 South Jones Avenue. Light refreshments will be served.

“I knew about the beat poets when I was 12” Bierman says.  “Poetry is something I have been doing since I was a child.”  Before graduating from NW Classen High School in 1964, Bierman was already a subscriber to the Village Voice, absorbing the New York City poetry and art scene from afar.  

He earned a degree in English and certification in secondary education as a path to the way poets usually survive -- teaching, publications and readings.  After 12 years in the classroom, however, circumstances beyond his control brought an end to the teaching.  

Bierman went on to do two large collections of poetry for the Contemporary Arts Foundation, including Shake My Faith, Kiss This, and So Longing Goes On.  His chapbooks Verge, Walk, Pull Out Gently, Pac-O-Lies, and The Other End, led up to his current work, a trilogy of books called About There.  

The first of the trilogy, Right to the Ruins, is already published and the second, Left at the Light, is almost ready to be printed.  The third, You Can’t Miss It, will be out next year Bierman promises.  These, and many other books, are available on his web-site in pdf form.  
Bierman’s intention is that all of his work be available on line soon.  He feels his work should be available to everyone.  He trusts that copyright laws will be observed and his work will always be credited to him.

Bierman’s reading style has evolved with the times.  He enjoys the slam poets, he says, and “has been known to rant with the best of them.”  A sample of Bierman’s work follows:

Wool In The Wind

Sparkles resemble a city.
The sun runs around the room,
slips through my fingers
like a million little moths.

If I could get past this lazy
gaze, this fuss of self
I could study the birds
littering the clouds like letters.

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