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The Depot Gallery and office will be closed until at least the end of May, 2020. We will reassess at that time. Phone messages will be checked regularly and calls returned. We do this out of an abundance of caution and concern for the health of our community.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Skip DSEA second reception for the “Melrose Sessions,” a collaboration between Douglas Shaw Elder and Skip Hill, will be held in The Depot Gallery, 200 S. Jones, on April 12, 2019, from 6 to 9 pm in conjunction with the 2nd Friday Art Walk. Refreshments will be served.

The collaboration which resulted in the “Melrose Sessions” was conceived in 2018, when the two artists were convening regularly in Elder’s studio on Melrose Street in dedicated sessions to discuss art, life, and the world we live in. The two began to merge Elder’s sculptural woodcarvings and Hill’s colorful drawings, fusing their individual styles to create complementary pieces, resulting in the works in this exhibit.

Both artists work with elements of nature, including birds and landscapes, independently. Both Elder and Hill believe that “the process of making art is a cumulative experience that necessitates time, dedication, and persistence. All creative professionals are united in the need to carve out time for conceptual work, to eliminate obstacles and pursue their passions. The drive behind the Melrose Sessions is to ‘do the work’ and serve as an example and inspiration to all determined creative workers, as well as to the artists themselves.”

Douglas Shaw Elder is a working artist, primarily producing drawings and sculpture, who has exhibited nationally and internationally, and has been the Executive Director of the Firehouse Art Center in Norman, Oklahoma since 2007. Elder, a U.S. Army veteran who received his MFA from Boston University, is also an arts educator and visual arts advocate. His current works, titled OKecoSCAPES, explore Oklahoma’s unique ecosystems, specifically depicting the diverse visual landscapes specific to the state. All of the works in the series are influenced by forces of nature, contemplated through experiential art making, and result in raw and organic finished carvings and drawings.

Skip Hill is a professional visual artist whose body of work includes mixed-medium drawings, paintings, collages and murals that feature lush environments filled with colorful tropical birds, exotic fauna, mesmerizing moods, rich textures and vivid color inspired by his travels to Brazil and Southeast Asia. Using acrylic paint, markers, inks and cut paper from a collection of source materials, Skip Hill’s art focuses on process, on positive and negative space, on contrasts and flowing line. He thoughtfully juxtaposes these elements to create a delightful sensory world on canvas, paper, wood panels and interior and exterior spaces. Thematically poetic, and lyrical in content, the art of Skip Hill is a visual journey through the verdant gardens of Love & Nature he invites his audience to imagine, and to get lost and found in.