Now Showing in The Depot Gallery - Tim Kenney - "A Burst of Color"

Through September 1, 2018 @ The Depot

Tim Kenney Painting

Noted for his thick textured and colorful paintings, Tim Kenney did not begin painting until 10 years ago at age 52.  Carol Armstrong has been his instructor for those 10 years.  He painted 50 paintings in 50 states in 50 days through the United States including Hawaii and Alaska in 2014.  In 2017 he painted 77 paintings in all 77 Oklahoma counties in 77 days.  Twenty percent of the proceeds from both trips were donated to Parkinson's research.

Kenney's inspiration for paintings come from life, the trees, flowers, skies, valleys, colors and, more important, the feeling he has when he views a scene that he is about to paint.  Color is a word he hears quite often when others are talking about his paintings.  Tim often says "I see colors where there are no colors."

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Summer Breeze Concert - Harpeth Rising

Sunday, August 26, 2018, 7:30pm @ Lions Park


Harpeth Rising is three classically trained musicians playing original music, as intricately arranged as a string quartet, lyrically rooted in the singer/songwriter tradition, and wrapped in three-part vocal harmonies reminiscent of both Appalachia and Medieval Europe. Building from the tonal depth of the cello (or is it a bass?), layer in the shimmering sounds of a violin and the strikingly natural addition of banjo to create a sound at once familiar and impossible to categorize. Unapologetic genre-benders, Harpeth Rising fuses Folk, Newgrass, Rock and Classical into something organically unique: Chamberfolk.